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We were there, where no man has gone before. Just one hundred years ago, this statement could well be true, but now, those places on earth, probably not. Studied the continents and islands, mountains, caves, rivers and seas. Animals described and adorn the pages of biological references. If anything is left in the world, so it is a mystery, you never came to the attention of the public, and one of those secrets - Cambodia.

Small, lost in the lush jungles of South-East Asian country that has hidden from a long time a heavy shroud of the local civil war. Fled with her unique Buddhist-pagan culture, ancient traditions and distinctive tribes, with pristine beautiful nature moist savanna, amazing animals, plants, and other wonders. Of course, Cambodia - it's not a lost world. Its present territory - a product of recent events in historical scale (mostly - French colonial administration in power in the late XIX - early XX century). In the Middle Ages, Cambodia Khmer empire inhabited the center of Angkor in half the current Thai, Laotian and Vietnamese land. There was a time when a modern multimillion Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) was a Cambodian town.

"Kamui" is a gentle giant bowl formed by four mountain ranges: . Just to the south of Cambodia as a huge open world and paradoxical water system. The Great Mekong is the largest river in the Tonle Sap Lake. And the irony of it is that these flows can change direction. Depending on the season, the river Sapling Tonle of the same name flows into a lake, then out of it. Festival dedicated to changing seasons, is one of the most important annual events in the lives of the Cambodians.

Getting to Cambodia - never ceases to be amazed. This is a completely different world, where at each step there is something new and different. It is tucked away in Jung great and mysterious temple complex of Angkor, where each church is different from the other, and together they produce a unique and distinctive way of an ancient civilization. At intersections dressed stone elephants with the Cambodian flag in the trunk replaced scarecrow as giant ducks in the middle of the vast rice fields.Instead of the "stationary" wayside stations landscape saturated hastily formed counters with two-liter bottles of Coke. Only they are not sweet drinks, and gasoline. Fuel residents chipped in to buy gas stations on long barrels and bottled for sale to motorcyclists. Luxury Hotels, entirely decorated with mahogany interspersed with frail, shabby straw cottage. Extraordinarily beautiful children from early childhood to earn his living trading, repeating the mantra "dollar van", and with hope in his huge eyes looking at the "white people." They are friends with snakes and monkeys, learn to hunt and gather rice, go to dozens of small mopeds and always sincere and carefree laugh.

Perhaps natural paradoxes is not the main thing that affects this country. It contrasts create harmony and unity of man and nature is felt anywhere else.

Столица - г. Пномпень (11 º 37 'с.ш., 104 º 13' в.д.)Площадь : 181035 км ² Население 13 млн 996 тыс. чел.(Оценка на середину 2006), 15% - горожане Основные народы: кхмеры 85.4%, 7.4% вьетнамцы, чам 3.5%, 3.2% китайцы Государственный язык : кхмерский, причем официальным провозглашен и кхмерский алфавитГосударственный строй - конституционная монархия (15 воссоздана сентября 1993 , когда по Конституции в стране были установлены рыночная экономика и соблюдение прав человека) Глава государства - король, который царствует, но не правит (с 29 октября 2004 - Нородом Сиамони)Парламент: двухпалатный, состоит из Национальной Ассамблеи (120 депутатов) и Сената (58 сенаторов). Двух сенаторов назначает король, двух - Национальная Ассамблея, избираются всеобщим голосованием остальные Телефонный код  8-10-855  Разница во времени с Москвой  : +3 часа  Денежная единица  : камбоджийский риель (KHR) 


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