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In the eyes of travelers returning from this mysterious Asian country read unearthly bliss. It seems that they were in a different dimension. Somewhere where time passes more slowly, welcoming and peaceful surrounding, and the sunsets and sunrises are colored alien tones.



The nature in this region is so unusual that banal trip from one city to another becomes a fascinating journey. Unearthly beauty of mountain landscapes, colorful locals and their little huts with thatched roofs, floating outside the bus, immerse you in a world so unlike the noisy dusty metropolises. As well as a walk through mysterious jungle cycling or riding on an elephant. A rafting down the Mekong enters into an endless state of absolute peace and tranquility.



Here are able to listen "as growing rice" as a characteristic of the inhabitants of large cities are fidgeting with humor. Perhaps that is why Laos ideal place for people who are tired of running around in circles work-home-work and want to truly relax and let go of all unnecessary. In this respect, we can take the example of calm and balanced indigenous population. They are good-natured, modest and unobtrusive. And completely devoid of aggression, cunning and audacity. No wonder that with such a mentality in Laos is one of the lowest crime rates in the world.



Рow could it be otherwise in a country where it is so serious about religion. Buddhist temples are found there almost no more than conventional homes. Their number rose past three thousand, that for a state with a small territory is not just a lot, a lot. The same can be said for the monks in orange robes, who are literally walking the streets in droves. By the way, they are happy to communicate with foreigners, and can easily speak to you in English about the intricacies of Buddhist philosophy.



But a spiritual food can not eat. For lovers of a good snack in Laos also have a place to roam. Restaurants in colonial style with a huge selection of delicious dishes will please the most discerning gourmet. A variety of exotic eatables markets capable of impressing seasoned eaters. As well as fresh juices from fruits with exotic names that are sold on every street corner.



For those who can not conceive without leisure shopping, will do on the night bazaar. Luxurious silk scarves, ethnic clothes from homespun materials, accessories in Asian style and original handmade silver ... It seems that you got on the ethnographic exhibition. But, fortunately, you can buy all the exhibits, and, best of all, it is very inexpensive.


Laos can talk about a lot of interesting things. But it is better to go there yourself and make sure that the perfect way does exist.


Official name : Lao People's Democratic Republic. On the west it borders with Thailand, in the east - in Vietnam, in the south - with Cambodia in the north - from the Yunnan Province of China, and to the north-west - with Myanmar. 



capital - city of Vientiane (17 º 59 'N, 102 º 34' E) 



Area: 236.8 thousand km ²;



Population Population - 5,260,800 people, the average density of about 22 people per square kilometer. km. 



Key people:  Lao - 50%, Rouge - 25%, Thais - 14%, Miao and Yao - 10%, Vietnamese, and Chinese. 



Official language: Lao, and in communicating with foreigners - English or French. 



President - President, elected for 5 years by the Supreme People's Assembly. 



Head of Government - Prime Minister appointed by the President with the consent of Parliament. 



Phone Code 8-10-856 



Time difference with Moscow : +3 hours; 



Climate sub-equatorial monsoon. There are three seasons: a pronounced wet hot - from May to October, the dry cool - from November to February and the hot dry in March and April. 



Currency : Lao kip (LAK), $ 1 = 8,043 Lao kip 


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